What is BIBOA?

BIBOA Ltd is the UK RIB club for those who like to cruise and socialise in Rigid Inflatable Boats. Read more.


To take part in any BIBOA sea-going event the skipper of the boat must be a paid up BIBOA member and there must be valid 3rd party insurance for the vessel. Non BIBOA Members are very welcome indeed as crew accompanying a BIBOA skipper. 

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How to make a simple Towing Bridle

Hopefully you will never need to use it on your own boat - but if the need arises do you know what you would use to tow someone else's boat in case of a breakdown?

As most of us don't carry a ready made towing bridle, an easy way to make one is to use two mooring lines attached to your rear cleats (or similar) and tie a bowline in the end of each one - preferebly so each line is the same length.

Now take the bow line/towing line from the boat in trouble and tie it to two lines already prepared - again using a bowline. You should be able to tow the boat to safety now without your joining knots in the ropes becoming permanently bonded together, and the only knot you need to know is the bowline.

An Extra Tip - Tie a half-hitch in front of the bowline. The half-hitch will take much of the force and help prevent the bowline from being pulled too tight to untie.

By Trevor Goddard


What if you dont wear your kill cord...


Flare Advice

This months Motorboat and Yachting reports... 'You may not need as many pyros as you thought' and points to new RYA guidelines for boats under 13.7m: www.rya.org.uk/go/carriage


Coastguard Safety Scheme

CG66 - The Voluntary Safety Identification Scheme

Following the BIBOA cruise to Dartmouth in our RIB Blue Tube (Revenger 27), our delayed arrival reminded me of the excellent CG66 -  Voluntary Safety Identification Scheme offered by the Coastguard.

We endured 5 hours of lumpy conditions from Lymington to Dartmouth and arrived under cover of darkness. The text messages we had sent plotting our safe progress had not arrived with our shore based friends so quite rightly they had informed the coastguard of our absence. Running a 225 Optimax in a big sea means that using the radio is a challenge and I was holding on with both hands so using my phone was not an option either, nor my hand held VHF that’s attached to my lifejacket.

I have now made sure that the coast guard has full details of Blue Tube using their quick and very easy on-line facility. It’s a good plus if you also upload or email them a photo of your RIB as a part of the registration process but you can add this at any time later, this might help them to find you!

If you lack a photo of your RIB (many members don’t have one!), send an email to:  development@biboa.com  as we have thousands of RIB photos in our archive and yours might just be there, even under previous ownership.

I strongly recommend you do this PROMPTLY, it’s a bit late when you’re sitting on your overturned hull … in the dark … in the rain…in wind over tide…

AND, keep the means of summoning assistance ON YOU, a VHF radio at the least.  

This is the direct link to the online registration form: https://mcanet.mcga.gov.uk/public/cg66/login.asp

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