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BIBOA Ltd is the UK RIB club for those who like to cruise and socialise in Rigid Inflatable Boats. Read more.


To take part in any BIBOA sea-going event the skipper of the boat must be a paid up BIBOA member and there must be valid 3rd party insurance for the vessel. Non BIBOA Members are very welcome indeed as crew accompanying a BIBOA skipper. 

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Venture Cup 2016 - Round Ireland

Here are the details for the 2016 Venture Cup. There will be a number of BIBOA members that follow the race in their boats (there are also some members competing). More details to follow.

Are you ready for Venture 2016?

Good afternoon teams,

We've been working away quietly, but strongly, in the background for the past few months and now's the time to share some key details with you. We shared most of what follows with your fellow raceteams at the Cowes Classic just under two weeks ago, and it's now time to bring you up to speed as well. We were thrilled with the positive reception our plans were met with in Cowes, and we hope that you too will be excited by what's planned.

The dream of the Venture Cup will be brought fully to life in June of 2016 as teams take on the Atlantic Ocean in some of the world's most challenging and dramatic locations. We're delighted to inform you today of just some of the key elements:

1. The race is already fully-funded. We'll continue to work hard on partnerships, but right now we have sufficient funding in place to run the race.

2. It will be run as a formal race. No poker-run, jolly, or chase. This will be a full international race, routed through the relevant national authority to the UIM, designed to set a benchmark for offshore racing.

3. Permissions are in place at all venues. We've now met with every port and harbour authority connected with the event. We'll continue to meet with them right up to the green flag, but right now all are keen to allow the race into their waters.

4. There will be international television. We've got excellent internal and external teams working with broadcasters all around the world to ensure that this race gives you, and your partners, amazing visibility.

5. We're working on giving you strong commercial supports. Accommodation, transport, fuel - everything involved in a raceteam taking part in this great race is being discussed and negotiated with partners on a daily basis. 

6. Entry-fees are not required to make the race happen. Entry fees will be set at €500 per team and this money will be held fully in an escrow account, arranged and managed by our independent law firm. This money will NOT be available to us until such time as the race starts on leg 1.

7. Entry numbers will be capped at 25 boats. Expressions of interest are invited right now, and we will then work directly with each team to ensure we have a fleet fully prepared for what they're going to face. 

8. Racing Rules. This is an area which I'm sure many of you have strong feelings on. Our race-team will be working with the various authorities (national and the UIM) over the coming weeks and months to try and make the racing as 'common-sense' as possible. The final rules will be announced at a full and open Teams Meeting, which will be held in London in mid-November (details to follow).

So, that's the main news - let's take you through the race itself:
This is going to push you, your crew, and your boat to the absolute limit. The Wild Atlantic Coast of Ireland is no place for the faint-hearted, and only the bravest and best prepared will succeed. This is eight solid days of racing in conditions where the middle of Summer can deliver 15-metre swells. You’ll be racing along the most dramatic, most awe-inspiring, and most demanding coastline in all of Europe.

The rewards, however, are enormous. This race, and those who take part, will go down in powerboating folklore.  Then there’s the fact that Ireland loves to party, and we’ve got some epic events planned around the race. From being the centre of attention for hundreds of thousands of spectators in Dublin and Cork, to the pure raw authenticity of music and craic in the smaller stops along the West Coast. Awesome racing blended with great Irish hospitality. 

This is your challenge. Are you up for it?

(Note: Leg 4 may be left as a lay-day for Venture teams, and alternate fleets would run the course instead)

Meet the Venture 16 Team

Aidan Foley
Event Director

20+ years experience in delivering world-class sports, cultural and municipal events. 
Peter Dredge
Racing Director

Former head of RYA Powerboat Racing. Multiple world-record holder. Most recent winner of the Cowes Classic powerboat race for the 2nd year in a row.
Alan Goodwin
Logistics Director

Hugely respected in the international powerboat racing team. Ran Honda Racing for many years and was part of the Cable & Wireless Round-The-World crew.
Stuart Walker
Commercial Director

Hugely experienced sports sponsorship professional, having worked centrally on FIFA World Cups, Rugby World Cups, British Lions Tours.
Maeve Moriarty
Head of Venue Festivals

Maeve is responsible for the large public festivals which will support Venture 16. Previously she held senior roles in Australian Rugby, Australian Football, and the RaboDirectPro12
Bridget Ryan
Head of Communications

Bridget is a top-class communications and marketing professional, specialising in Sports & Event Management.
Bill Flynn
Venues Manager

A highly respected management professional. Bill will be the fulcrum around which our partner venues, festivals and core race team will interact.
Many more will be added over the coming weeks, including our team of race officials and also various strategic partners.
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