What is BIBOA?

BIBOA Ltd is the UK RIB club for those who like to cruise and socialise in Rigid Inflatable Boats. Read more.


To take part in any BIBOA sea-going event the skipper of the boat must be a paid up BIBOA member and there must be valid 3rd party insurance for the vessel. Non BIBOA Members are very welcome indeed as crew accompanying a BIBOA skipper. 

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London to Monte Carlo

In September 2005, I was enjoying a celebratory drink with friend Mike Deacon after the team and I had set the record earlier that year for fastest time Round the British Isles in 72 hours and 27 minutes in Seahound V, a Scorpion 10 metre cabin RIB fitted with 2 x 315hp Yanmar Diesels, 36 hours faster than the previous record. 
I suggested looking at the RYA homologated book to see what other records could be challenged, as Mike also has a taste for breaking records himself. 
I was part of his team when we set the Round Britain records in August 2001 for under 30 ft and 2002 for 30–50ft in Hot Lemon III and Hot Lemon IV. I was intrigued to see that the London to Monte Carlo record had no records set to date in the under 30ft or 30-50ft classes. 
Realising that this challenge was only 400miles more than the Round the British Isles, I decided to give it my best attempt.




Day 1 in Scotland, where did we go?

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If you have an Android phone there is a really neat app from Google called My Tracks. You tell it to record your track and at the end of the day you press stop, save and then share it by saving it to Google docs. This is how I recorded this track on my first day of the Clyde Cruise.


Easter Escapade in 2010

There was a good turnout for an early season cruise, some challenging conditions and a tow for one member. All part of an active club and keen members, look at our Forum for pics and we’re all looking forward to the 'Season Opener' Weymouth cruise in late April. 

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Season Opener to Weymouth 2010

This is always an exciting time; it's usually one of the first real cruises of the yearand a good shake down for crews and boats after the winter. Two RIBS temporarily went AWOL but all was fine in the end, a great BIBOA Season Opener for all.

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Ride the white horses...

A must watch for all boating enthusiasts. 30 minutes of the 1969 Round Britain Powerboat Race. Fantastic... and checkout the real charts, no plotters, safety blunders, the kit, the fashions... superb (3 parts, each 10 minutes long).
There is one RIB by the way; Psychodelic Surfer, see the chap in the back reading the charts, how does he do that?

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News from the RYA

Two articles of news from the RYA will be of interest to you this month; one on the unfortunate theft of more outboards (we need to be extra vigilant and remember to bring to the attention of the authorities any 'cheap outboards' being offered...) and one more enlightening piece about protecting the sea horses in Studland bay (where not to lay your anchor). 



Clyde Cruise April / May 2010 - Day 1



So you buy a GoPro Hero HD, attach it to your boat, press record and this is what you get... notice my later videos are better quality, I have now started using it on 'R3' which records 60 frames a second (720p) and the footage is a lot clearer.


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