What is BIBOA?

BIBOA Ltd is the UK RIB club for those who like to cruise and socialise in Rigid Inflatable Boats. Read more.


To take part in any BIBOA sea-going event the skipper of the boat must be a paid up BIBOA member and there must be valid 3rd party insurance for the vessel. Non BIBOA Members are very welcome indeed as crew accompanying a BIBOA skipper. 

BIBOA on Youtube

Matt Prest shows off the Needles 

Thanks to Matt Prest and Neil McGrigor for this video. A beautiful day, awsome RIB with spectacular views of the Needles. 

Testing off Hurst Castle

BIBOA members Marc and Lucas having a bit of fun off Hurst Castle yesterday, testing lots of recent modifications, including re-worked props and removal of the 'A' frame.


Weymouth - 1st cruise of the season 

A very successful cruise to Weymouth last weekend, the sun was out and the seas calm. Congratulations to Julian for arranging perfect weather and a great weekend away. Thanks Julian.

6 boats: Seahound 5 (Chris & Helen), Mystic Dragon (Bob +3), Ocean Devil (Marc & Lucas), Loujescha (Martin & Louisa and daughter), Black Adder (Trevor & Rick), Watershed (Mike, Julian & Roger).


Our Annual Dinner and Presentation of Awards for 2015 was held onboard HMS Warrior in the historic dockyard at Portsmouth.  It was a fabulous venue and 65 BIBOA members and their guests enjoyed a really good evening;  they were greeted with a champagne and canapé reception on the Officers' half deck, followed by a four course dinner, sat at the crew benches on the gun deck.   The 'Ansome Cabin Boys entertained throughout the evening and everyone retired at midnight back to the Hotel for a nightcap!

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Solent standing on the boiler of Varvassi 

Well worth watching this if you boat in the Solent... Look how close the boilers of the wreck are to the needles.
"with an exceptionally low tide, we went out to the needles in search of the wreck of the Varvassi... and conquered it". Is this BIBOA member Neil McGrigor in his new Scorpion. The crew are standing on the boilers of the 1947 wreck of the Greek steamer Varvassi. These have caught out numerous boats in the Round the Island sailing race. 

Around Scotland

BIBOA members Mike Deacon and Trevor Goddard cruised around Scotland, video here:


Now thats cruising

BIBOA member Mike Deacon showing us all up again... with a return leg from his Scottish cruise... here is his plotter track:


Solent to Alderney to St Cast to Dielette to Yarmouth

BIBOA members Marc, Klara and Lucas Lyne in Ocean Devil hit Alderney for the festival with BIBOA members; Goddards in Black Adder and the Frosts, then off to St Cast. The forecast was not looking good, so a speedy trip back to Dielette, then over to Alderney to cruise back over the Channel with the Frosts and Goddard's. More photos here: http://www.biboa.com/cruising/2015-channel-islands-and-on-to-france/



Awards Dinner 2015


Annual Dinner and Presentation of Awards

HMS Warrior 1860 - 21st November 2015

Book online here: http://membership.biboa.com/event-2028344

This year, to celebrate our 25th Anniversary, our Awards Dinner will be held on-board HMS Warrior in the Historic Dockyard of Portsmouth.  A champagne reception will greet guests at 1830 hrs on the Officer’s Half Deck, and at

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First cruise for new BIBOA members

BIBOA Scottish Cruise May 2015

“Throttles down at 10.45” was the phrase that ended the briefing  on day one of our first cruise with Biboa.  Douglas, a Glaswegian with expert local knowledge of the Hebrides,  had gone through the days itinerary – rendezvous at Dunollie Castle for a quick coffee and to ensure all OK then onto Eigg for lunch and then on to Tobermory with a planned return to Oban around 6.00pm.   Sure enough at 10.45 am 8 ribs set off at full speed toward Eigg and so began our 5 day cruise.    It was quite a sight, 8 ribs of assorted colours and sizes racing down the strait towards our first rendezvous.  As we couldn’t all moor alongside the wall at Eigg some of us picked up the buoys and were ferried in by one of the ribs.  Lunch gave us the chance to meet new faces and have a brief wander around Eigg.  Onto Tobermory for chocolate and a quick drink before returning to Dunstaffanage for a debrief at the Wide mouthed frog and then left to our own devices for dinner.  One of the group recommended the Oyster Inn which was just up the road and where we had the most fantastic langoustines.

At the briefing on Day 2 Douglas produced a bag of hats and proceeded to explain their meanings and what to do if we saw him wearing a particular one whilst at sea.  He also had 2 hats to be awarded on a daily basis.  The captain’s hat for good seamanship and the “d...head”  cap for those daft actions you really wished no-one had noticed.  Day 2’s itinerary was first to the Isle of Seil for a coffee break and then onto Ardfern for lunch.  En route the radio suddenly blasted with a message that we were going to

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