What is BIBOA?

BIBOA Ltd is the UK RIB club for those who like to cruise and socialise in Rigid Inflatable Boats. Read more.


To take part in any BIBOA sea-going event the skipper of the boat must be a paid up BIBOA member and there must be valid 3rd party insurance for the vessel. Non BIBOA Members are very welcome indeed as crew accompanying a BIBOA skipper. 

BIBOA on Youtube

There are 2 BIBOA web sites:
1. www.biboa.com
2. the membership system


1. The main web site: www.biboa.com

This is where all the club information; safety, diary, the forum, planed and impromptu cruises can be found. To be notified by email when a member posts something new to the web site, you must ‘subscribe’ to the page. This is how you add content to the web site and subscribe to receive the notifications:


When you login, you will see a new black headings which enables you to add your text, photos and videos.
In the top right corner you will see your name, please click it (click on the images below to make them larger):


When you have clicked on your name, you will see a small menu.
On each page of the site that you would like to receive email notifications for, you click on this link (you will need to do this on every page of interest to you eg the forum and the home page):



If you click 'edit profile':


You will get to this page which enables you to edit your account settings: 

The BIBOA site is run on a platform by a company called Squarespace. They have many great help pages here: http://5help.squarespace.com/


2. The membership system (http://membership.biboa.com/membership).

This is where we all pay our subscriptions, its an automated system that many thousands of clubs around the world use (http://www.wildapricot.com). We all have a user name and login for this site. Unfortunately we are not yet able to merge the two logins (biboa.com and the membership system), so we must all maintain 2 sets of login details. It is this system that the committee can use to easily email all members.